A New Spine for a Children’s Book

Other than the missing spine and detached covers, this book was in good condition.


I wanted to save as much of the original book as possible, especially the illustrated endsheets, but I didn’t want to disguise the fact that this book was being repaired.  I used bookcloth that closely matched the original color of the book to build the new spine, but it is easy to tell where the original cloth ends and the new cloth begins, if you are someone who pays attention to such things.  photo(32)photo(29)

To reattach the flyleaf to the pastedown, I used colored moriki (Japanese paper) in what is called the over-and-under repair.      photo(30)photo(31)Again, the color of the paper closely corresponds to the color scheme of the original illustration but it is different enough that one can see it has been repaired.