A Custom Wedding Album

This is a wedding album I designed.  The material for the album cover is a silkscreened runner, created by the talented bride for the wedding reception.  I stamped their initials in gold foil on the cover.IMG_0758

The photos, invitations, and other ephemera are inserted in the page and the gold border is drawn by hand.  The headbands are made of iridescent pink cloth.IMG_0759IMG_0762

The custom slipcase is wrapped in dark navy cloth.  Blue is the color of wisdom.IMG_0764IMG_0766

The Soul and the Hand

Thus the soul resembles the hand.  The hand is the most perfect of organs, for it takes the place in man of all the organs given to other animals for purposes of defense or attack or covering.  Man can provide all these needs for himself with his hands.  And in the same way, the soul in man takes the place of all the forms of being, so that through his soul a man is, in a way, all being or everything; his soul being able to assimilate all the forms of being–the intellect intelligible forms and the senses sensible forms.

Thomas Aquinas, Commentary on the De Anima, Book II, Lectio 13

Restoring a “Blook” (aka Box for a Decanter Set)

Here are three 19th century French books that were transformed into a box for a decanter set.  They were once actual books, by the way, not just book-lookalikes.  IMG_0606IMG_0607

I stripped the old brittle leather and sanded the surface.  Then relined it with new paper and used new goatskin to cover all the places where leather should be.  It was surprisingly challenging to cover nonfunctioning books.  The leather had to be pared and fitted into such odd shapes and crevices.   IMG_0653image1image2

I was able to salvage the label from the bottom book, and I created two new labels with the client’s favorites titles.  Then I hinged the two parts of the box together, as the client remembered from her childhood.IMG_0660IMG_0661